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Darby (not O'Gill)*

Coming down the stairs, I saw a familiar white and ginger dog down by the gate. Completely delighted, I walked out the door and smiling at her person and almost squealing, I said, "Can I please say hi to my friend?"

She looked sort of confused, but said, "of course," and I knelt to talk to Darby and ask her how her day had been going. I then registered the humans present second, as I often do, and told her I was a friend of her upstairs neighbor and that Darby and I are buddies. "Oh yes," she said, "we met one time, I remember."

Over the course of conversation, I asked if I could take Darby for a walk, explaining that I'm sort of a dog too and have to take myself on walks twice a day. Even better if I have a dog friend with me!

And so Darby and I walked to and around and through the local park, learning quickly one another's walking styles and learning to compromise on one that was comfortable for us both.

Darby isn't actually a cli…

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